Trust – Proximity – Professionalism

These words have a real meaning for us.

You are looking for a reliable partner to master small or large,
simple or complex projects?

You can count on our professionalism!
You can benefit from our work ethics.
We solve your tasks with uncompromised commitment.

We deliver.

Test drive our ideas

Every new project widens our experience – for your benefit.

You define the scope. Our experienced engineers find economical and reliable solutions.The abundance of new problems fascinates us and challenges our inventive talent.
We handle each project with utmost creativity, competence and passion.

Trust is the best base for a longstanding relationship. We know trust is built on continued performance, openness and honesty. We deliver and in return enjoy long term client relationships and employee loyalty.

We build on a strong network.

We can do most things with our own resources. If your demand goes beyond our current resources, we can supplement our team from long term partners, offering just additional capacity or specialized skills or equipment. In that case we still take the overall responsibility and you do not need to deal with more than one partner.

You can rely on us. Always.

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Specialty Engineering

Our experience

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ranges from mechanical engineering to design and programming of PLC based control systems including complex sensor technologies. We complete our offerings with manufacturing and assembly of special and serial machines. Comprehensive analysis of your requirements and a reliable implementation guarantee perfect results tailored to your needs.


You can expect flexible and experienced engineers for external or in house CAD design, software development. We handle production for prototypes as well as for small to medium series. We

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feel at home with all major CAD systems on which our training professionals offer practically relevant training. We can widely scale our support to your needs.

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Certified Quality

procad is certified for it’s quality management system. You can download our certificate here.

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